Disk Acquisition Time Estimator

Estimation of acquisition time for a Solid State Drive

This simulator will provide you an estimate on acquiring data from a disk drive, based upon the size of the disk and the acquisition type. The source data for this estimate comes from our library of timing data for more than 2000 ewf and dd acquisitions.

NOTE: This page currently displays timing data for solid state disk drives. Hard disk drives data will be coming soon.

The simulator will provide you a time estimate for a "dd" acquisition along with timing data for the Expert Witness file format of varying buffer sizes. (The dd data is provided as it typically the Maximum sustained transfer rate of the disk drive.) Thus, you can clearly see the time impact of an EWF acquisition as compared to a straight "dd" acquisition. Further, you may compare the impact of performance of varying buffer sizes on the throughput of an EWF acquisition. If an EWF value is not displayed, it means that there is no data in the library for that buffer size.

Note that the buffer size is the number of sectors in a single read. This number multipled by the sector size gives the total bytes per read.

Just select your EWF parameters below, and the comparison chart will be automatically displayed.

The parameters are:

Note that the output times are in minutes.

Use the input boxes below to configure your current hardware & software setup.